The Rilbex Permanent Paint Marker is an easy to use, any side up, quick drying Marking Pen.

Please remember that it is still an industrial product and should not be:

  • Used by minors
  • Inhaled or consumed
  • Applied to your skin

1. The colour of the plastic cap indicates the colour of the material inside the tube.

2. When opening the product, pull the cap away from the tube, DO NOT unscrew the cap (as the paint will run out of the tube).

3. Once the cap has been pulled off, press the steel ball point against the surface you want to mark. At the same time, gently squeeze the tube and move the ball point to create a mark.

4. A small amount of wet marking paint is exposed. The amount of marking paint (and the width of the mark) exposed will vary depending on the pressure you apply to the tube and the speed at which you move the ball point.

4. The mark ranges between 2 and 4mm in width.

5. The mark should dry in approximately 30-60 seconds, depending on the amount of marking paint exposed.

6. The Rilbex Marking Pen can be used any way up and on rough and smooth surfaces.

7. Once you are finished applying, replace the plastic cap.

8. Once the product has been opened a layer of the marking substance will dry on the nozzle, and may require a little extra pressure to be applied at the start of the next application.

9. If the nozzle becomes clogged with dry paint, simply soak the tip in paraffin for about 15 minutes. This will soften the paint and the marker should become re-usable.

10. The marker is designed to be permanent, but can be removed by rubbing the dried coating with a rag soaked in paint thinners (NB always wear gloves when using thinners to prevent possible dermatitis).

11. Do not apply the marker in the proximity of naked flames, e.g. prohibit smoking, etc

Permanent Marker for Tools
Permanent Marker on Fabric

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