Just to be clear, this product is also known as a

  • Permanent Industrial Paint marker
  • Metal Marker
  • Steel Marker
  • Permanent Marking Pen
  • Marking Paint
  • Paint for Steel
  • Fabric Marker

Here is a list of some of the many ways in which our customers have found this product useful.


  • To permanently mark all sorts of rough and smooth, greasy, dry and wet surfaces.
  • To mark surfaces that are oily and greasy with an ability to adhere to these surfaces once the paint is dry.
  • To mark surfaces that are both dark and light.
  • To mark parts and equipment where permanent identification is required.
  • To permanently mark surfaces that are exposed to aggressive weather conditions.
  • To permanently mark surfaces that may be exposed to abrasion and chipping.
  • To mark steel to identify different grades, lengths and sizes.
  • As steel marking pens by steel manufacturers.
  • To permanently mark on all metals.
  • To mark all sorts of raw materials.
  • To mark on many surfaces on construction sites.
  • To permanently mark outdoor equipment that is exposed to the environment and harsh weather conditions.
  • To permanently mark underwater equipment that is exposed to salt or fresh water (can be applied under water).
  • To mark off weld positions in welding and brazing operations.
  • To mark products destined for assembly or further processing.
  • To mark and easily identify finished products.
  • To mark on and identify stone, granite and marble
  • Where permanent marking is required after galvanizing operations.
  • To mark fabrics, as fabric paint or as a fabric marker.
  • To mark parts during body building of trucks and heavy machinery.
  • As paint markers for road marking
  • To permanently mark heavy earth moving machinery and parts.
  • To permanently mark tyres.
  • To mark shelving, boxes, and containers in warehousing and logistics operations.
  • To mark and identify equipment and parts in military operations.
  • In above and below ground surveying operations that requires a robust and weather proof marker.
  • In above and below water survey operations.
  • To permanently record results of inspection activities.
  • To permanently mark and identify rails, fasteners, sleeper and fast tracks in railway operations.
  • To mark and identify parts in impound yards.
  • Used in the manufacture of tools, dies, and moulds.
  • To permanently mark tog bags, sports equipment, and kids clothes. Good solution for moms.


  • To easily identify products, parts, raw materials and components.
  • To mark parts and equipment where permanent identification is required.
  • To colour code different equipment, products, parts, or components.
  • To identify equipment in the construction phases of any operation.

Equipment allocation in the construction phases of any operation, including:

  • Rigs and ships
  • Roads
  • Railways
  • Construction sites
  • Mines
  • To identify parts in assembly operations.
  • To colour code different but similar looking raw materials.
  • To identify different finished products in foundry operations.
  • For cable marking for easy identification.
  • To mark Scuba diving gear including tanks, goggles, and flippers.
  • In collision shops to identify and colour code corresponding parts.
  • To mark and identify different concrete blocks.
  • To mark and identify trees and timber in forestry operations.
  • To mark and identify structural weaknesses in all forms of structures.


  • As the product ”bleeds” into many surfaces, the mark can be identified even if the paint is scratched off, making this marker an effective security and stock control measure.
  • To prevent shrinkage and pilferage of equipment, raw materials, parts, and components.
  • To permanently mark products at Auctions for security purposes
  • To be able to trace a product or a raw material or a component throughout its lifecycle.

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Permanent Marker for Equipment